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The Association of African Methodist Episcopal Scouts is a denominational Scouts Association recognized by the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts United States of America.

Scouting is one of the ministries of Christian Education in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Membership is comprised of individuals and AME congregations who support AAMES goals.

Director of Girl Scouting 2014 - 2018
Vivianne Frye Perry – Connectional Director of AME Girl Scouts

I am truly excited and deeply honored by the confidence placed in me to have been appointed the Connectional Director of Girl Scouting. I am fully aware of the responsibilities I am accepting along with this position. I pray that my service is found acceptable in the sight of God, addresses the needs of those I have been selected to serve and advances the mission of AAMES. My mission aligns with that of the Discipline and AAMES in that I will promote the organization of Girl Scout Troops in local churches throughout the Connection for the benefit and development of girls and young women. I will fulfill the mission by encouraging AME congregations to incorporate scouting into their programs of leadership training and community outreach; and by fostering individual religious growth of youth and adults through the religious recognition program of the AME Church. There is much work to be done and it can only be done if additional workers are recruited, are committed and enlist.
“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” Proverbs 16:3

Vivianne Frye-Perry
vfrye-perry@amescouts.org or vfrye_perry@swbell.net

Director of Boy Scouting 2014 - 2018
Clarence E. Crayton, Jr. Connectional Director of Boy Scouts for the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Vision Statement
I am truly blessed to be appointed Director of the Boy Scout Ministry of AME Church for a four year term, 2014-2018. My goal is to build on the good works of my predecessors Anthony Franklin, Robert McRath and Rev. Artis Phillips. I know that God and the leadership of the AME Church has trusted their most valuable treasures to me, the Male youth of the AME Church, through the Boy Scout Ministry. I pray that God blessings of wisdom fall upon me, to lead his youth in the way he would have them to go. I know I am nothing without the Blessing of God and the good spirit of the Church Body to grow the Scouting Ministry in the AME Church. My vision is that in the next 4 years there are thriving Ministries of Scout Units in every Episcopal District and District Conference, in the contiguous United States and that AAMES would have made positive inroads in getting Scout Ministries established in the Episcopal Districts 14 -20. I believe that Scouting can help bring Families to Christ and the Church (Isaiah ll: 6. "A little child shall lead them.") as an Outreach Ministry of the Church by touching families that are presently not in Church. I believe that Scouting and the youth is a vital organ of the Church and not an appendix, the Body would never ignore its heart, nor will the Church ignore its youth as they are a vital organ and the future of the Church. I envision the Scouting Ministries creating Disciples for Christ by developing the next line of leaders and by teaching our Scouts about “Christ, Creed and Culture”.

Clarence E. Crayton, Jr.

Click here for statements from former directors.

Membership Fee: $40.00
Membership Period: April to April of each year

To register for this program on-line click here.

Make check payable to: AAMES
Mail Check to:
Christian Education Department
500 8th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37203-4181

    Member Benefits:

  • Packet sent upon joining containing an affiliation card, AAMES Patch and other promotional items
  • Semi -Annual electronic newsletter, convenient update of all the great happenings with AAMES Scout Units.
  • Membership updates of changes in Scouting as the National Offices ( BSA, GSUSA) release them ( in many cases informing our Units before they are informed by their local Districts or Councils)
  • Discount on a purchase from the AAMES online ( as AAMES develops products, including  promotional discounts, these items will be offered to AAMES members at a discount )
  • AAMES Voting Rights for those Members who are AME in line with the AME 2012 Discipline.
  • Notice of AAMES sponsored District and Connectional Camporee.
  • Notice of AAMES sponsored Training sessions.
  • Listing of AME Units by Episcopal District
  • Spiritual Support of the AAMES Family.
  • And more to come
Officers of AAMES - 2014 – 2018

Executive Director of Scouting – Dr. Daryl Ingram

Girl Scouts Director - Vivianne Frye-Perry
vfrye-perry@amescouts.org or vfrye_perry@swbell.net

Boy Scouts Director - Clarence E. Crayton, Jr.

Boy Scouts Asst. Director - Jerry Brewster

Treasurer - Cora Lee-Palmer

Financial Secretary - Robert McRath

Secretary - Missiouri McPhee 

Asst. Secretary - Anita Debarlaben

AAMES Chaplin - Gwendolyn Williams

Historiographer - Steve Franklin

Parliamentarian - Myron K. Ford, Sr

Phone: (615) 242-1420 Fax: (615) 726-1866
Email: cedoffice@ameced.com

AME Christian Education Department
500 8th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

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