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The Association of African Methodist Episcopal Scouts is a denominational Scouts Association recognized by the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts United States of America.

Scouting is one of the ministries of Christian Education in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Membership is comprised of individuals and AME congregations who support AAMES goals.

Director of Girl Scouting 2010 - 2014
Hattie Saulsberry’s Statement.

"I'm Glad to Be in His Service as the Connectional Director of Girl Scouting, I pray that my service will be found worthy in the sight of God, and acceptable to those of whom I've been chosen to serve. Scouting (Boy and Girl Scouting) provides a unique opportunity to guide our youth in the "life application" of God's Word to their daily experiences. I look ahead with eagerness and dedication to advance the AAMES mission for the benefit of our youth. Much has been accomplished -- but there is much more yet to do. To God, be the glory!

Hattie Saulsberry

Director of Boy Scouting 2010 - 2014
Anthony Franklin Sr. Statement.

The Association of African Methodist Episcopal Scouts ministry continues to develop its connectional programs to support our churches. We need our churches to become involved in the Scouting ministry of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Our society has left many boys and girls without good role models in their lives. Our children are one of the most important factors to improve growth and leadership in the AME Church. Scouting is a vehicle that can supply that growth. Not all children want to participate - that's their choice. What I have discovered over the many years I have been involved with scouting the majority like the program once introduced. The Scouting Program has provided me from youth to my adult life many opportunities to learn skills and take part in exciting and wholesome adventures. It is my prayer that the AAMES ministry based on African Methodist Episcopal principals and values, along with skills the scouting program provides will inspire growth in Christ, Creed and Culture and attitudes of our scouts. AAMES is committed as we originally did in the early 90's by visiting the Boy scouts National office located in Irving, Tex. and the girl scouts National office located in New York City. 85+ AME Scout Leaders worked together hand in hand negotiating for 2 days at each location a formal agreement that established the Association of African Methodist Episcopal Scouts. I was one of those leaders. To all that are willing to serve and see this ministry become a success for our youth and our churches, I challenge to you just join AAMES and become part of history. We are the only African American Scouting association in the country sanctioned by both the Boy scouts and Girl scouts. We as adults only fail our youth by not giving our time and talents. Let's give our youth a chance to excel. No child should be left behind.

Anthony Franklin Sr.

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Membership Fee: $35.00
Membership Period: April to April of each year

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Make check payable to: AAMES
Mail Check to:

Christian Education Department
500 8th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37203-4181

    Member Benefits:

  • Journal of Christian Education
  • Notice of meetings, camping events, training sessions
  • Directory of AAMES members
  • Spiritual support
Officers of AAMES - 2010 – 2014

Executive Director of Scouting – Dr. Daryl Ingram

Girl Scouts Director - Hattie Saulsberry

Boy Scouts Director - Anthony Franklin Sr.

Girl Scouts Asst. Director - Vivianne Frye-Perry

Boy Scouts Asst. Director – Clarence Crayton

Treasurer - Cora Lee-Palmer

Financial Secretary - Robert McRath

Secretary - Dr. Jerry Brewster

Asst. Secretary - Anita Debarlaben

AAMES Chaplin - Gwendolyn Williams

Historiographer - Steve Franklin

Parliamentarian - Myron Ford

Phone: (800) 525-7282 Fax: (615) 726-1866

AME Christian Education Department
500 8th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

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